Pandemic Polly Peppers

Pandemic Polly Peppers
202 North Avenue #132
Grand Junction CO
Booth:: 1037

Company Description:

We are a spicy infused food, small business based in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our business was born during the Pandemic in 2020. We take food components we like, oil, peanut butter, chocolate almond bark, sauces, salt, peach jam, honey and seasonings. We infuse them with the rare, dehydrated peppers we grow in our small urban farm.

While some of the peppers we use are amazingly hot (seriously don't be afraid), using math and moderation we want you to enjoy the flavors the peppers have as well as a slight burn. If you are looking for the hottest sauces to burn your tongue, you might have to look elsewhere.

We will have several gift giving ready made packages available. Including our Grand Junction famous Spicy Peanut butter & Chocolate Almond Bark gift set for the sweet and heat lover in your life.

New Products

Spicy Peanut Butter and Spicy Chocolate Almond Bark are together at last in a ready to give holiday gift box. $20 for 8oz of Carolina Reaper Infused Peanut Butter (4/10 a warm heat level) and our Semi-Dark Belgian chocolate (4/10 heat level) loaded

Certifications & Awards

Manufactured Food License - Working out of the Grand Junction Business Incubator's Commercial Kitchen

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