3 Magpies

3 Magpies
Northglenn CO
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Company Description:

3 Magpies, LLC is a local brand owned and operated by local Artist/Artisan, Countess(AKA) Ang. Ang has an eclectic background in several creative areas including silversmithing and other jewelry types, sewing/minor tailoring, creative design, and other mediums. Her private collections are often produced seasonally and in small batches as the creative mind doesn't sit still. Gemstones are a great interest so jewelry is a staple of her production. She also produces beautiful pet beds from up-cycled baby bumpers donated from the Brighton Arc Thrift Store. She teams up with other local companies who also repurpose and up-cycle goods whenever possible and posts those companies on her Instagram accounts @Sleepypuppy_Petbeds & @3MagpiesBlue. 3Magpies believes in "paying if forward" and donates pet beds whenever possible.

Lady Banshees is a local company bringing unique gifts and quality minerals/crystals, gifts, pagan goods and other items to market. If she doesn't have what you are looking for she will source it or lend guidance of possible places to procure what you are looking for!

New Products

*Pantyhose People bring joy and feel good vibes all around. These are little beings with personality that grow grass when watered. They make great gifts!
*Potion bottles with edible glitter to show off your sorceress potential will be available.


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