Lost Sauces

Lost Sauces
2536 Eaton Street
Edgewater CO
Booth: 1109


Company Description:

Lost Sauces, a Colorado proud local company featuring dips, marinates, dry rubs, hot sauces, and drink mixes. Chef and mixologist owned with over 14 years experience. Come taste the difference.

We started as a covid project, and with forward moving momentum, we've gained the trust and notoriety to become a local success between crafted stores, local bars and restaurants, as well as award winning drink mixes. All of our products are 4 year shelf stable, and 2 year table shelf life. Nonrefrigerated. Fully FDA approved.

All of our products are dried and dehydrated spices, which allows more consistent flavors with all of our heat based items, being flavor forward, heat on the back end. Packed with waves of flavor.

Certifications & Awards

Bloody Mary festival People's choice award

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